Q?Why should I belong to CANR?
    1. CANR is a grassroots association of researchers and those interested in research, especially practice-based research and research-based practice. As a CANR member, you will receive regular information about specific research projects, as well as funding opportunities and research-related issues (e.g., new guidelines for ethics) in Canada.


    1. We are an associate member of CNA and are consulted about research issues by CNA and other associate members. For example, we have provided feedback about the structure and policy development of CIHR. As well, we receive weekly bulletins about research-related issues and events in Canada and elsewhere from CNA.


    1. We are asked regularly by several organizations and people (e.g.CIHR, other associate members of CNA, book publishers, research granting agencies, conference planning committees, journal editors) to provide nominations of reviewers, presenters, writers, etc.


    1. We have a website and a Discussion Board that provides information useful to members, as well as opportunity for discussion about relevant issues and networking.


    1. We recognize the contributions of new and established investigators by an award given biennial. Recipients of this award are nominated by their peers and the award recipients are selected after a thorough review by an awards committee. There is one award specifically designated to acknowledge clinical researchers who have made significant contributions to Canadian health care.


    1. You will be connected to people from across the country who are involved in various aspects of nursing research, and have an increased awareness of research activities and initiatives.


    1. You can highlight your accomplishments (e.g., grants received, awards, publications) on our discussion board and learn about the accomplishments of other researchers across Canada. As well, you can learn about research projects that have a focus and/or design that you are interested in and you can contact the researcher(s) for additional information or to suggest joint work.
Q?Is this an organization for only university academics?

No, approximately one third of our members have primary or sole affiliation with a clinical agency, such as a hospital. One of the board’s goals is to increase the number of clinical researchers who know about and join CANR because we believe that clinical researchers provide a significant contribution to nursing research in Canada. CANR gives an award biennial that is specifically designated to acknowledge the contributions of specific clinical researchers.

Q?Does CANR have corporate memberships or dual memberships?

We are currently investigating these possibilities.