Nomination Criteria

Applications are invited for the CANR Research Awards: The CANR Nurse Researcher Award; the CANR Outstanding New Investigator Award; the CANR Award for the Promotion of Research Based Practice, the CANR Practitioner-Researcher Award; and our new Graduate Student Research Award.

Selection Criteria

The nominee(s) must be a member of the Canadian Association for Nursing Research. (Membership can be obtained instantly online under the JOIN icon).

Nurse Researcher Award

The nominee has demonstrated exemplary leadership in nursing research. The nominee:

  • Presents evidence of a program of research that is advancing development of clinically relevant nursing knowledge;
  • Has a history of externally funded research with published communication of work within nursing or interdisciplinary literature; and
  • Presents evidence of leadership activities related to generating research awareness and disseminating research findings to clinical and scientific audiences.

Outstanding New Investigator Award

The nominee must have completed most recent education within the past three years or has begun to actively engage in research within the past three years at a level that is judged as exceptional. The nominee:

  • Has received external peer-reviewed funding for research;
  • Has published in a refereed journal or has manuscript(s) accepted for publication;
  • Is the principal investigator or co-investigator (must have completed the majority of the work and be responsible for the research project); and is the PI or co-investigator on research which is the beginning of an innovative program of research.

Award for the Promotion of Research Based Practice

Open to an individual or group whose work has made a substantial contribution to application of research findings in a clinical setting. The nominee:

  • Rigorously critiques research findings for suitability of implementation to clinical practice for implementation of findings;
  • Takes a leadership role in implementing research findings in one’s own practice, or influencing others to implement research findings in practice or takes a leadership role in encouraging nurses in the clinical setting to critically examine research and their own clinical practice.
  • Has demonstrated how research based practice has made a significant difference to client/or systems outcomes; and
  • Takes a leadership role in using research methods to conduct valid and reliable examination of current practice.

Practitioner-Researcher Award

The nominee is a clinician or manager who has demonstrated leadership as a researcher in a clinical setting. The nominee:

  • As a principal or co-investigator, has received external peer-reviewed funding for research
  • Has published in peer reviewed journals and presented at meetings, addressing research and clinical audiences
  • Is involved in a program of research on a particular clinical issue or patient population and
  • Has demonstrated changes in clinical practice as a direct result of research findings.

Rising Star Graduate Student Award

Recognizing excellence in graduate student researchers at the Masters and Doctoral level.

  • One for Masters level and one for Doctoral level study. Thesis/dissertation proposals will be judged on originality, potential for impact, practice/policy/education/administration relevance, and logic of design and methods.


One-day registration for the CNA conference will be reimbursed to the awardees to be in attendance to accept the award. Graduate Students awardees will receive $500.00as well.