Nomination Guidelines

The Recognition Awards

The CANR has established five awards to recognize nurses for their outstanding contribution to nursing and the goals of CANR, as well as a graduate student and undergrad student award. The CANR Nurse Researcher Award is for an established nurse scientist who has contributed significantly to nursing research. The CANR Outstanding New Investigator Award is for an outstanding new researcher. The CANR Award for the Promotion of Research Based Practice is made to an individual or group who has provided leadership in the utilization of research in clinical nursing practice. The CANR Practitioner-Researcher Award is for a clinician or manager engaged in research in a clinical setting. The CANR Rising Star Graduate Student Award for a master’s or doctoral level student.


  • The invitation for nominations will be published in the CANR listserv.
  • Nomination materials are to be submitted to the Chair, Awards Committee.
  • All materials must be submitted by published deadline- January 15th of appropriate year.

 Information to be Submitted

  • Nomination  (includes nomination by two CANR members and signature of nominee EXCEPT for graduate student awards which can be nominated by one CANR member, the supervisor).
  • A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae.
  • Two to three letters of support which address the specific criteria for the award.
  • A copy of one major publication of the nominee.
  • Submit to

Conflict of Interest Guidelines

  • Members of the Executive and of the Awards Committee are not eligible for nomination.
  • Members of the Executive and of the Awards Committee are not eligible to nominate or to provide supporting documentation for a nominee during their term of office.
  • Members of the Awards Committee are expected to declare conflicts of interest prior to discussion of particular applicants. Members are considered in conflict if they are from the same institution as the nominee or are currently working together on research projects.


  • The Awards Committee will review the nomination and supporting documentation.
  • Recommendations will be made by the Awards Committee Chair to the Executive Committee of CANR, with the Executive making the final selections.


  • Award recipient(s) will be notified by the CANR President or designate prior to public release of information regarding the Award.
  • Award recipients will be notified two months prior to the conference at which the award will be presented.
  • The recipient and the nominators will be invited to the award ceremony. The conference registration for the recipient will be paid.
  • The name of the award recipient(s) will be published on the CANR website and possibly national media.


  • Presentation of the award(s) will be made at a national research conference (or other high profile national research conference).